What happened to the website?

Resurrection Sunday weekend is usually a focal point for many churches and rightfully so. Therefore, there tends to be a few more things going on and a few more details that need to be communicated. Obviously, the main goal as always is to declare the gospel faithfully and clearly; but, you also want the other things to go well.

Friday evening before the service the church's phones started ringing, "What time is the service tonight?" people were asking. Years ago this happened so much that we made certain that someone was always available to answer the phones. But, the website and other social media support has all but eliminated that. So, while I was happy to let people know when the service was, I found out from one caller why people were calling. "The website is down." I checked it out for myself and sure enough, the site was suspended (or something like that). Upon further investigation we found out that our site was the victim of malware.

If this attack was intentional, I thought, "touché, you picked the right weekend to hit us." At the same time, I also knew that while a website can be helpful, it really is not essential to the life of a church. Our study in Acts has reminded us that the early church had a very faithful and effective ministry without a website. The same thing can be said for the gospel churches in China today. I thought of how much I take for granted that we can meet without fear, communicate publicly our meeting place and time, and even identify our leadership. In some places this would never happen.

Meanwhile, we have been working on updating our website anyway. So, last night, the new site was unveiled and you can check it out here. There are probably a couple of bugs to work out; but, hopefully, nothing as serious as what hit us over the weekend.

In His mercy, God granted us a wonderful weekend of ministry. Thank you for inviting so many people to come. Will you stop and pray right now for those who heard the gospel but have not yet believed, that they would? Our mission is our life, and it is a good one!