Bobs Blog 11/2/22


November 2, 2022


November and December are often referred to as the “giving season.” It makes sense since at

the end of this month we will give thanks and at the end of the next month many will give gifts.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are big events for us as believers and therefore for our church and our families. So many traditions and memories are tied up in these and therefore, these are some of the most anticipated times in all of life for us.


Therefore, it is right in this season of giving to think of what are some other ways we could

express generosity and this year, once again, there is no shortage of needs. One of the

opportunities that we have to give is in response to the aftermath of hurricane Ian. A long-time

pastor friend of mine (Jeramie Rinne) pastors the Sanibel Community Church that was located

on the island before the hurricane hit. Their building is almost a complete loss and the

congregation is meeting elsewhere in Ft. Myers while they determine how to move forward. As

you know there tends to be a rather large gap between what insurance will cover and what the

actual costs are, particularly in a high-inflation setting. Jeramie told me this morning that

“insurance pays some but we will have a lot out of pocket.” The state of FL is actually using the

church building for helping meet some of the physical needs on the island, all of which is only

elevating the profile for this gospel-congregation in the area.


Therefore, for the next two Sundays we are going to be taking a special offering for the Sanibel

Community Church. I would request that we do this above and beyond our regular giving to our

own church since we are still a little bit behind where we need to be. Disasters like this make us grateful for humanitarian organizations like the Red Cross. But, when we can combine

humanitarian help with a clear gospel witness, then it is a greater joy for us. You can designate

your special gift on your envelope or on-line.


This Tuesday, we should vote NO on proposition 3, which if passed would not only permit

abortion, but would open the door up to a host of other issues that would have terrible



Giving, and giving thanks,


Sunday’s text: 1 Samuel 29