Bob's Blog 11/16/2022


 November 16, 2022


*   8,000,000,000 divided by 632,464 = 12,649.

*   The population of our world just passed the 8 billion mark this year.

*   Detroit has a population of 632,464.

*   The population of the world is akin to 12,649 cities of Detroit.


There are many things that compete for our attention and affection and many of them are good and  necessary. However, there is one mission that rises above all and that mission is part of the DNA of our  church because it is part of the DNA of our lives as believers. We long to see as many people possible from every tribe, language and nation know Christ and make him known that he might be imaged and honored  throughout the world. Our lives are part of a mission that is unfinished. If just one person out of 8 billion has not heard the true gospel of Christ, that is one too many.


Your faithfulness to Christ and to his church makes a difference. You are part of the mission

that Christ is leading to establish his kingdom over all. You and I do not see all of the ways in

which our contributions and faithfulness are being leveraged for good, but one day, we will.

You matter. The gospel matters. The church matters. Missions matters. Faithfulness matters.

God matters. Eternity is forever and so is the joy. Let’s be faithful and focused that more and

more will know the joy of knowing Christ and

being known.

I thank God for you.


Sunday’s text: 1 Samuel 30:7-30