Sunday's Instructions for 3/15

Saturday, March 14, 2020

Dear Cornerstone-

Tomorrow will be different than a typical Sunday.  We have cancelled ABFs and will be holding our church service online.  I wanted to write and explain what you can expect and what you can do to be prepared for tomorrow.

The online version of the service will begin at 10:45AM.  We won’t have any live music tomorrow, so before 10:45, here are links to a couple of songs your family can listen to and/or sing along with in preparation for the preaching of the Bible (message text, I Timothy 1:12-17).

He Will Hold Me Fast

My Worth is Not in What I Own

At 10:30, we will begin the “broadcast” with a 15-minute countdown timer.  The 15 minutes will allow you to get set-up without pressure.  Then at 10:45, our online service will begin.  We plan to have announcements, a call to worship, prayer, and the message. 

Link to live stream - This is the same link as our regular live stream link on the website

I will be making some announcements tomorrow, but let me just explain something in advance and that is how we are handling giving.  Yes, the expenses of the church will continue!  Thank you in advance for your faithful giving.

First, some people like to mail in their offering.  And that is fine; keep it up!  The giving envelope that you have at home is suitable for mailing.  Just add a stamp and you can send checks in that way.  Second, we have online giving.  Many of you use that already and if you would like to start now, it is fairly simple.  Navigate to Cornerstone Connection, click on GIVE and follow the prompts.  You have the option of giving directly from your bank or by credit card.  Keep in mind that giving by credit card costs the church 3% of your gift, while giving from the bank (ACH) costs just 25 cents per transaction. Third, if you like to give by cash, that is best dropped off at the church.  In the office, we will have blank giving envelopes and a box for you to place those gifts.  You can drop off checks that way too if you prefer.

Other announcements:

  • The church office will be open during regular hours Monday through Friday.
  • Financial Peace is ON tomorrow.  Class starts at 4pm on Sunday, registration available at the door.
  • Wednesday classes this week are cancelled.
  • Future Sunday and Wednesday schedules will be discussed at Monday’s elder board meeting.
  • In general, group meetings of 100 can continue.  For example, the Hand Bell choir met this morning and so did the counseling conference.

In preparation for Sunday,
Dave Kaynor