January 29, 2020

The most recent team that went to India (including me) returned yesterday after a very encouraging trip. We will be giving you some updates in the near future, but I want to share this one now.

One of the Sunday nights, I preached at a church in a village where life, in many ways, is so unlike what we experience. Most of the congregation sat on the concrete ground, though a few sat in chairs toward the back. You see, the gathering place for the church did not have walls, but just a concrete slab. Overhead was a beautiful canopy (see pic). Across the street was a temple of idols that villagers prayed to. But, while the church did not have walls, it had speakers, and they were very, very loud. They were pointed out to the village, so that the service was heard throughout the entire village.

Years ago, a man went to this village, and in spite of much opposition, he was able to plant a church. After the service was over, Bert Spalding and I had a chance to meet and pray for many of the people. We were able to hear stories that reinforce the truths that we embrace: 

1) The gospel of Jesus is powerful to save people, no matter who or where. 2) Christ is building his church from people of every, tribe, language and nation. 3) The gospel is powerful enough and sticky enough to bind all sorts of people together into a family.

These truths never get old!

Grace and Peace,