Easter 2019

I saw a man walking toward a door while using his left hand in order to hold his cell phone against his ear and his right hand to hold onto something else. I held the door open for him and he walked right through. Either he was rude or distracted by the conversation, but he just walked right through. He never thanked me, nodded my way, or even looked at me. Maybe he thought it was an automatic door and I was the automatic; or, maybe it never even crossed his mind. Of course, given the fact that my spiritual gift is being snarky, my instinctive response was to yell, "You're welcome!" But, I didn't.

Before I even got back to my car (which was only a few feet away), I thought how many thousands upon thousands of times the Lord has done things for me that I was oblivious to, or worse, ungrateful, and rude about? Do I just presume that it is the Lord's job to be the automatic in the doors of my life and open them for me as if I deserve it? I want my first thought in the day to be of the Lord and my last thought at night. But, it isn't always that way. I can lay down with fears and awaken with concern. I can live distracted by the what-ifs and held back by the weights. And when I do, I do not see all that the Lord has done, is doing, and will keep doing. No, the steadfast love of the Lord never ceases. His mercies never come to an end. They are new every morning. That means that they are fresh for what we need. They are timed out perfectly to meet our situation. When my arms are full and my heart distracted, He holds doors open in ways I don't even know and doesn't even yell, "You're welcome!" after I walk through.

"Gracious God, for the thousands of things you have done that I have not acknowledged, I ask for your forgiveness, even as I say thank you for being so very good!"

This weekend:

On Friday evening, we will be observing the Lord's Table together with a service that is designed to focus upon the cross. We will do this through a series of Scripture readings with song and prayer responses.

Resurrection Day will, of course, be a celebration of the triumph of Christ and the securing of our pardon. This is our day! But, it is not our day to keep to ourselves, but rather to share. Will you pray that the gospel will be clearly presented, clearly heard, and effective? Look for those with whom you can share this.

He is Risen Indeed!