Bob's Blog - September 14, 2022

September 14, 2022


It was reported yesterday that for the past eight years, the Russian government has channeled about $300 million to 24 countries in order to influence their elections. These covert contributions have come in the form of cash, cryptocurrency, and some other non-monetary contributions. I am pleased to report that after a complete examination of our elder-nomination and election process along with a thorough review of all revenue streams to our church budget that we found no evidence of Russian influence or tampering with our church governance or polity. Ok, that was a joke, but it hopefully helped you read this far so I could say this.


Every year we nominate and elect qualified members of the church to serve in positions as deacons, deaconesses, and elders. This annual election takes place in November and these ministry teams serve, for the most part behind the scenes. That is what they are doing right now and we are a better church for them. For example, inflation is hitting all of us. Our Finance Team is facing the impact of this on our budget on our behalf. Our Missions Team is addressing this along with other issues for our missionaries, on our behalf. The Elders consistently review our ministries in order to stay current with our focus and priorities on our behalf.


Good leadership leads, and by helping us address challenging times, there are many examples of how the leadership functions like a shock absorber for the congregation. We may all hit the pothole, but the impact of the blow is softened by the faithful ministry of these teams on our behalf.


The Elders met this past Monday evening. The Finance Team and Missions Team meet faithfully. I know these teams and thank God for them and am regularly reminded of how blessed we are to have such humble, faithful, and competent people serving us in these capacities. Our life as a church is much smoother as a result of their care for us and ministry to us.


You may regularly pray for these, if not, would you thank God for them right now and ask Him to give them His wisdom and joy as they serve us?


Grace and peace,



Sunday’s Text: 1 Samuel 25:32-44