Bob's Blog - November 3, 2021

Admin Pastor’s Mailbag


I heard Jerry Benge is preaching this Sunday. What about Bob?

First of all, we are excited to have Jerry Benge back on staff at Cornerstone. After years of missionary work in Ukraine, Jerry and Kellie are back in Michigan and Jerry is serving as our Missions Pastor. Jerry is preaching this Sunday and personally I am hoping for some sort of Barney Fife reference! Speaking of Bob though, in the past, the Elder Board has asked Bob to spend a week or two out of the office reading. Think of it as a short term sabbatical. He is away this week and part of next reading books and probably planning future sermons.


What’s going on with the kitchen?

At our last Members’ Meeting we announced that we plan to use 2021 excess funds (if any) towards remodeling our kitchen. Our 3rd quarter reports indicate that we will most likely have surplus funds available at the end of the year. So we have a small group of people who have been putting plans together to make the upgrades. We are currently talking through the implementation of those plans so that when the year ends we are prepared.


What is the Talents & Gifts ministry?

Have you ever had a need that you thought someone at church could help you with? Maybe something like a brake job on your car or a lesson on making lasagna? Maybe you have a skill that others might appreciate. That’s where the gifts and talents ministry comes in. We have blue flyers around the building (or click here) that detail the ministry. You can share a gift or talent by filling out the FORM on Cornerstone Connection or emailing for help at


How is the worship pastor search going?

Glad you asked. Since August, our worship pastor search team members have been meeting, holding interviews and discussions, and making plans to host a couple of guys from out of state later this month. We are excited to share these guys with you. Further details will be available soon.


What’s on the agenda for the next Members’ Meeting?

A lot! We have 3rd quarter reports to review, the 2022 budget and leadership to approve (hopefully), and motions to entertain. The motions and leadership were posted on Sunday. In addition, you can find the motions in the 3rd quarter packet and the leadership recommendations in the 2022 budget booklet, both of which should be available this coming Sunday.


I heard a rumor about the pop machines. Is it true?

First of all, if you heard the one about selling Red Bull in them, that is not true. The one that is true is the price is going up. Our pop machines have been the best deal in town for a cold can of a variety of soft drinks for at least 20+ years. Unfortunately, prices for pop (and everything else) are going up, so we are raising the price.


When is the next lost and found?

Our semiannual clean out of Lost n Found is this month. If you have lost a coat or a water bottle or a water bottle or a water bottle, you can find those outside the office. In addition, we have updated some office chairs and there are a few of the used ones, in a variety of conditions, available. Finally, we also have some used cribs to give away for free available. They are in the back of the building. Please take chairs and cribs home today (Wednesday). 


Thank you for reading this newsletter and staying informed!

Dave Kaynor

Associate Pastor