Bob's Blog - May 20, 2020

May 20, 2020

Cathi is such an excellent cook, that I regularly accuse her of ruining another restaurant. In other words, there is no sense in eating out when she makes such wonderful food. Therefore, I've never really ventured beyond Kraft macaroni and cheese in the kitchen, but the grill and the smoker? Well, that's a different story. Most of the quarantine has taken place when utilizing the grill and the smoker has not been too convenient, so I've tried to be a bit more handy in the kitchen and have had a wee bit of success. So...

I came across this recipe for pancakes from a newspaper and thought I would give it a try. Now, I really, really like pancakes, and I've made them from a box for my grandkids, so the idea of making them from scratch was a bit of a stretch for me, but they turned out great. So, I made them again. Then I made them for my kids and grandkids in KY, then I made them for my kids and grandson in NC (twice), then I made them again Tuesday morning with blueberries.

This recipe has whole wheat flour and Greek yogurt in it, so I am calling them organic and healthy. Now, usually organic and healthy are code words for 3x the price and one third the taste, but that is not the case here. These are kid and grandkid approved.

So, in anticipation of this Sunday being our last Sunday of church building not being open, I am suggesting that we have "Pancakes and Paul Sunday." It's not that Paul has anything to do with pancakes. They just both begin with "p." So, I will be Preaching about Paul while you are Partaking in eating Pancakes. (Okay, I will quit going down that road.) I'm sending this to you now so you can get any ingredients you may not have on hand. Also, if you make them just for yourself (the recipe makes 8), put the unused ones in the fridge and pop them in the toaster later in the week. They warm-up very nicely, and then you already have an organic and healthy breakfast prepared for you!

Grace and peace (and pancakes and Paul),