Bob's Blog - March 17, 2021

March 17, 2021

This evening, we are hitting “pause” on our regular Wednesday schedule in order that we can gather as a church and pray. I know that we pray in our Adult Bible Fellowships, Bible Studies, Small Groups, and in other gatherings, but it is right and good for us to gather as a church family in order to pray. Our fellowship with God is not simply you and God or me and God, it is the people of God with God and with one another. Therefore, talking together to God is part of what it means to be brothers and sisters. It is good for us to respond to a time of calamity with a service of prayer, but, it is also good for us to pray together as part of regular life in the church.

This week I have been teaching (over Zoom) on the doctrine of the church to a group of men in Bangladesh. My class is from 8-10 PM which is from 6-8 AM for them. There are about 20 guys in the class, some of whom are planting churches, and others who plan to do so. Shakil Khondoker has been translating for me. Since our prayer meeting concludes at 8 PM and my class starts at 8 PM, I am going to do the class from the Worship Center platform tonight. That way, any of you who want to stay after the prayer meeting for a little while will be able to see the brothers in this class (we will put it up on the screens.) This will help you get a little more understanding of the ministry in which we are involved in that country that is so needy for the gospel. Feel free to go whenever you want, but I thought that you would really enjoy seeing these brothers, many of whom are facing a great deal of hostility because of their faith in Christ. If you are planning on being at the Missions Luncheon this Sunday with Shakil, it will also help you have a greater understanding of his recent trip and what he shares with us.

For those who like to plan ahead…. This Sunday is the final sermon in the series from Jude. I plan to start 2 Peter the next week. If you do some reading ahead, you will see that there is some thematic similarity between the two. Apparently, God wanted to make sure that we really got the message!

And yes, you read that email right! We are planning on a large-scale breakfast on April 4, 2021, Resurrection morning (Easter), from 9-10 AM. As more and more of our congregation is re-gathering and as we invite others, this will be a good opportunity to re-connect and celebrate together our risen Lord!

He is risen, indeed!!


Sunday’s text: Jude 24-25