Bob's Blog - June 8, 2022

June 8, 2022


This past Saturday night, five players on the Tampa Bay Rays (Major League Baseball Team) chose not to wear a patch on their uniform that was designed to show support for LGBTQ. The players said that it was a faith-based decision on their part not to wear the patch. One of the players said that they don’t want to encourage a lifestyle that is at odds with what Jesus taught. I appreciate that because these players took a major risk in the eyes of the culture by taking this stand. But, wait a minute. Why are baseball teams doing this? Many of you, from the sensitivity training at work, are told that you are not only expected to accept sinful lifestyles, you are expected to celebrate them. If you don’t life can get very unpleasant.


The threats are real for churches. Certainly, some churches now drape the rainbow flag over the communion table in a show of support. The churches that don’t may be targeted by protestors outside and inside, who will resort to bizarre demonstrations in an effort to make their point. We are not a high-profile church, so this may never happen to us. If it does happen, say in the middle of a sermon, then I would likely just ask you to stand with me and start singing. And if that happens, sing really, really loud, ok?


On the one hand, we need to be ready for where this is going. It may be that one-day, Major League Baseball won’t allow players on their rosters who don’t support LGBTQ. It may be that there are certain companies you cannot work for, or certain companies won’t do business with you because of your profession of faith in Christ. It may be that certain banks will refuse to do business with our church for the same reason. But, on the other hand, we should ask, why the anger? Why the demands of support and celebration? Why the threats and intimidation to conform, or else? Do you see it? Those who resort to those tactics do so because there is no validity to their arguments. Intimidation is all they have, but it wears thin and is not very sticky.


Tonight, we are hosting Austin Suter who will be addressing, The Gospel and Critical Race Theory (CRT). The event begins at 7pm and will have 3 parts: 1) The Gospel, 2) What is CRT? 3) Me asking Austin questions. We aim to be done around 8:15-8:30p.


Finally, this Sunday is not only graduation Sunday, but we will finish 1 Samuel 17. This has been such an encouragement and rich challenge for us. Your engagement and visible excitement for God’s Word is a sweet gift.


Grace and peace,



Sunday’s text: 1 Samuel 17:50-58