Bob's Blog - August 24, 2022

August 24, 2022


In a month we are having a great conference for men on the topic of Spiritual Leadership. The world has lost its mind on gender, roles, distinctions, and even character and we can expect that where the “church” echoes the culture, it will do the same. Our calling is to be a lighthouse and not an echo chamber. The chaos in our culture gives us the opportunity to be distinctively Christian and we aim to be.


As a kid, I enjoyed going with my dad to events even if they did not directly relate to me. Some of you take your boys hunting, fishing, golfing, and to other things in hopes that they will develop an appetite and skill for it and can grow into it. In fact, many of you know the joy of having generations participate in the same thing. As good as many of those things are, spiritual leadership is critical. I would encourage every dad to bring your boy if feasible. In fact, every guy under 18 years of age gets to come at half price. ($10)


Your son may not remember everything that is taught, but will likely pick up more than you realize. But, the biggest things that he will learn is that spiritual leadership MATTERS to his dad and it MATTERS to the men of his church. That is priceless!


I usually spend a portion of my week talking with other (usually younger) pastors who are trying to work through challenges in their churches. Almost all of the challenges have to do with the scarcity of godly men and qualified leaders. Spiritual leadership comes from intentional discipleship and is one of the reasons why Paul wrote 1 and 2 Timothy and Titus.


I am grateful for a church that prizes good leadership.


Grace and peace,