Bob's Blog - April 20, 2022

Good day Cornerstone!


Dave Kaynor here. It’s time for another round of the administrative pastor’s mailbag. Try to contain your excitement. Yes, all of these questions have been made up by me!


Q: Easter weekend sure went well. Who should I be thanking for all that work?

A:  First of all, both the Good Friday and Easter services were so well done. The combination of the music, art, and messages were very impactful. Derek gets a lot of the credit as our worship leader (as he should), but he had a lot of help from Bob, Josh Scott, and Craig Tucker. Thank you to all four of you for your ideas, implementation, and direction! As for the breakfast, I want to thank Jim Alvaro and Johnny Norbeck for their leadership as our students got the building set up. At the breakfast we had many cheerful volunteers, but leading them was Ruth Klein and Pam Mahloy, our excellent traffic controllers. Thank you to all of you who made the most of what Easter weekend is all about.


Q: The calendar says Administrative Professionals' Day is next week. What does the church do about that?

A: We really value all of our admins. Jan, Ruth, Jaclyn, and Alexandra do a great job answering phones, making flyers, printing the bulletin, editing the newsletter, arranging funeral details, booking appointments, forwarding emails, running copies, tracking people down, etc. for our members and ministry staff. So today we took them out for our annual admin appreciation breakfast and got a few minutes to acknowledge them and what they do. What is their favorite part of their job? Several of them commented that it’s the variety of tasks they work on. So Jan, Ruth, Jaclyn, and Alexandra, thank you!


Q: We often host a Special Program in June. Are we doing that this year?

A:  We have had a variety of speakers and topics for our special June program over the last handful of years ranging from abortion to politics to creation. We have used that night to address things that we need to consider as Christians but don’t always appear in our expositional preaching schedule. This year we have invited Austin Suter of United? We Pray to address the Gospel and Critical Race Theory. Please plan to join us on Wednesday, June 8th in the worship center.


Q: We have a Members’ Meeting Sunday. What’s on the agenda?

A:  Lots of updates from around the church like kitchen progress, Denise’s retirement party, an update from the counseling ministry, a change to our Fellowship Fund, and church planting. In addition, we are recommending an additional missionary family and we have member updates to make as well. The meeting is at 5:30pm with Q&A at 5:00pm.


Q: What’s up with the excess funds from 2021?

A:  You may remember, we approved up to $75,000 of the $163,000 for use on the kitchen project. The remodeling of the kitchen is going well and we will have pictures for you on Sunday. In the meantime, we have identified carpet as another project around the building to consider. We have received multiple quotes to replace the Gathering Space and Worship Center platform carpets but do not see our way clear on the project just yet. I plan to have a brief update with a map on Sunday night.


Q: What’s going on with the office staff and schedule?

A:  While many of you know that Denise is retiring, you should also know that

Jan Alvaro is too. Jan has been a steady employee here since the 90s and her absence will be missed. 

Coinciding with her retirement, we plan to rearrange our office schedule by closing the offices on Fridays, beginning July 1. After June, we will no longer be staffing the front office for phone calls or the front door due to the lack of traffic and ministry staff members that do not work on Fridays. In addition, we will be hiring a new PT admin for Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. We will be posting that job early next month with the position starting the first week of July.


Thanks for reading to the end. We look forward to seeing you at our Members’ Meeting on Sunday night! Here’s a funny video for you to enjoy.  


Dave Kaynor

Administrative Pastor