Bob's Blog - April 15, 2020

April 15, 2020

The million dollar question is: When will this be over?

Actually, since the initial “stimulus bill” is calculated at 2,000,000,000,000 dollars my opening
line should be, “the trillions of dollars” question is: When will this be over? By the way, did you
know that if you stacked a million one-dollar bills on top of each other that they would make a
pile 333 feet high? It’s not that I ever tried that, besides it’s been a bit too windy to make the
attempt. But a trillion? A stack of 1 trillion dollar bills on top of each other would be almost
68,000 miles high!

Ok, back to the 333 foot high question: When will this be over?

As many of you know, I am not only married to the queen of clean, but if you looked up
“organized” in Wikipedia you would see a picture of Cathi. Me? Not so much. For almost 37
years we’ve adjusted to one another (which means that I have to pick up after myself). But,
since I normally spend most of my days outside of the house, I am not around to make my usual
piles of things with the promise of, “I’ll get to that in a bit.” Now, I actually have to pick up after
myself. If not, then I spend half my day asking. “Where did that go? I just set it down.” Recently,
Cathi threatened to organize my paperwork. You see, I have a “system” of organizing my
paperwork that is best understood by me. It does not look organized, but in my imagination it is
and since perception is reality, then, I can claim it is organized. Besides, I keep it in a closet, so
it is hidden from view, but apparently not hidden enough. This lockdown has Cathi threatening to
organize my tools in alphabetical order, by weight and height and I know that she has her eyes
on my paperwork. In fact, she has said things like, “Let’s do this together” as if it would be like a
day trip to Mackinac Island. You see, it’s not that I don’t want to organize my paperwork, it’s that
if I do, then she will expect it to stay that way. So, when will this be over? Probably not until I’ve
had to organize my paperwork, so I guess that I’ll have to get to that in a bit.

But, it will be over at some point and when it is, we will be making some adjustments based on
the timing and circumstances. For example, our spring Wednesday evening elective season is
basically shot. So, (this is subject to change) I plan to wrap up the Wednesday night Trinity class
at the end of this month so that we can start a church-wide Wednesday night course on
discipleship. Hopefully, this will be with you being able to come. I am also hoping that by early
May that we can begin meeting on Sunday’s in some fashion as well. The governor’s lockdown
order does not pertain to churches, though it would simply be unwise for us to meet just yet.
When we do, we may ramp up our gatherings in stages, but we will keep you informed all along
the way.

Meanwhile, I’m going to the basement to look on the “L” shelf for a lock to put on my closet door.


Grace and peace,