Bob's Blog 7/12/23


July 12, 2023


The books of 1 and 2 Samuel open with the heartache of a wife who wants to be a mother. As part of that sermon (October 2021), I acknowledged that there were several couples in our congregation who were in similar situations. I asked couples who could relate to that to contact me and that we (staff/elders) would pray for them specifically that as the Lord remembered Hannah, he would remember them.


It has been over a year and a half since and I know of three answers to those prayers and this has to be for me, one of the sweetest and most satisfying realities. Some of you prayed for them as well. What a joy to look at a child and to realize that this child is an answer to your prayer. Thank-you God, you have heard, you have remembered, you have acted.


But this story is not done. There remain couples who would love to have children or have more and the Lord has not seen fit to answer that desire, at least not yet. If this describes you and you would like the elders and staff to pray for you, please let me know. You can email me at or just slip me a note on Sunday. Perhaps in another 18 months there will be more answers to those prayers.


It is no coincidence that the gospel of Luke (that we are going to study next) opens with a couple that is unable to have children. It is clear from the first chapter of 1 Samuel and the first chapter of Luke that the Lord as very distinct purposes in such a personal matter and that he really does work all things together for good. We know that. We trust that and because we know that and trust that, we pray.


We rightfully draw attention to the atrocities of abortion and pray for its end. I love the fact that we stand with and support the work of CareNet Pregnancy Center. Let’s also not forget those who long to have children so that the heritage of the gospel can be handed down to them. Would you pray right now for those couples? The Lord knows their names.


Grateful that the Lord remembers,




Sunday’s Text: 2 Samuel 15