Bob's Blog 11/8/23


November 8, 2023


A friend of mine has an electric car (EV) and he swears by it. Others have one and they swear too, but not like my friend. Finding charging stations that are open and working on a road trip is no guarantee, which, as you can imagine can be quite disconcerting. The other night I was asked to participate in a survey about EVs and I said that I would love it if the sun would make my car run day and night. But I live in Michigan where we and the sun are not always on a first name basis.


We are told how great EVs are for the environment. Maybe they are; in a way. But first responders are faced with the challenge of what to do when one of these catches fire. This is no small problem. A Nissan Leaf (who thought of that name?) caught fire while it was parked at a charging station at Nissan’s North America headquarters in Franklin, TN. Besides the obvious PR embarrassment, the local first responders spent hours and 45,000 gallons of water trying to extinguish the fire. 45,000 gallons of water for one car fire?! That can’t be too good for the environment.


I am not making any predictions about this. I am just not certain that the future is quite as electric as some have assumed. The good news is that I don’t have to be certain about this. Right now, I can ride in a gas-powered vehicle or an EV. I can wait and see how this will all play out. I don’t have to know. However, I do not envy the auto executives who are trying to figure out what to invest in. How can anyone possibly consider all of the variables to know what the future holds?


You do not need to be certain about EVs, but you have to be certain about the gospel and the good news is, you can be. That is why Luke wrote his gospel (1:4). Everything that he included in his gospel is designed to solidify your faith in Christ. We do not believe in Christ simply because it is a wonderful story that we love and want to be true. We can believe in Christ because he is true and our faith in him is safe and cannot be stolen or proven to be a fraud. Rest in that. Sleep on that. Awake to that. Walk in that. Pray because of that. Sing in response to that. Invite others to join you.


Grace and peace,



Sunday’s Text: Luke 1:5-25