Bob's Blog 1/11/2023


January 11, 2023


In the words of Detroit Tigers’ broadcaster, Jim Price, “You can’t make this stuff up.” That’s exactly what I thought when I heard over the weekend that a stash of Top Secret documents were found among President Biden’s files in a private office that he once used. The documents were from his time as Vice President and needless to say, they were not where they were supposed to be.


What is slightly less secret, but not as widely known is the fact that bowling is going through some pretty fundamental changes. Anyone who has ever bowled with me (I go about once every five years) maybe surprised that this is even on my radar screen, but as a pastor who cares for his flock, I know that there are a great number of you who bowl. I still remember being surprised when moving to the eastside of Detroit the number of funeral homes, banquet halls and bowling alleys. (I’ve given up on trying to make a connection between them.) But, since so many of you do bowl, I feel it is my pastoral duty to alert you to some changes coming to an alley near you.


One of the fallouts from the pandemic is the lack of certified technicians who can work on the pin-setting mechanisms. You know that big reaching metal arm that sweeps the pins into the bin where they are gathered up into the overhead device that sets them back in place? Well, they are notorious for breaking down, and there just aren’t enough techs out there to cover the need. So, someone built a “better” mousetrap. A new contraption has string attached to the tops of each of the pins. After they fall, the overhead device retracts the strings, pulling them upright and sets them back in place. There are fewer moving parts and therefore, fewer breakdowns. But some bowlers swear that it is affecting their scores. For you bowlers, if your scores are a little off than in previous years, it may not be you after all.


Now, what is NOT a secret at all is the fact that we have another wonderful series of classes that are beginning this evening. In addition to that, the choir and orchestra are re-launching after the holiday break and yes, another Exploring Membership Class is starting as well. Wednesday nights are such a wonderful opportunity for connecting with other members, bringing friends for gospel growth, serving in our music, kid's and student ministry. See the link for a description and consider not only what you could be part of, but who you could invite to join you.


Grace and peace,