Blog by Dave Kaynor


Wednesday! Wednesday! Wednesday!


Our fall schedule is ramping up again. Allow me to share some information with you that’s mostly about Wednesdays in mail bag form.


We are having another mission prayer night next week. What is that all about?

Jerry and the Missions Team (MT) have really made it a focus to make us aware of our missionaries and what they do. Wednesday’s focus is on missionaries that work with unreached people groups. The format is simple: the MT will give a brief info, share prayer requests and then we will pray. Usually we repeat that cycle two or three more times and then we top it off with snacks. Join the MT on Wednesday, August 30 at 7pm in the gym. We will be done by 8:15pm. Please RSVP on Cornerstone Connection.


What is Christian Nationalism and why is Bob going to talk about it?


I asked Bob this and here is what he said:


Consider the following:

-         Our country is a mess.

-         We have to do something, right?

-         But, what?

-         How do we “take our country back?”


Christian Nationalism generally teaches that we need to use our human government to enforce God’s law (10 commandments) in order to form a more just and moral culture. Therefore, churches need to do more than preach the gospel. They need to help restructure our broken society.


On Wednesday night, September 6 (7pm), I am going to address the strengths and weaknesses of this idea that has been gaining renewed attention in recent years.


We are planning on childcare for ages 2 and under.


So when do Wednesday night electives begin?

Wednesday night electives will begin one week later than usual on September 13th. Adult classes, music ministry, youth and children’s classes, nurseries etc. will all restart on that night. One thing that will not be restarting is the café. The café will be closed on Wednesdays because it isn't used much and we would encourage all adults who find themselves lingering in the Gathering Space instead of attending a class to find one to be part of this fall. Textbooks can be purchased in our bookstore through September 6. Call  the church to register or sign up in the Gathering Space.


What’s going on with Upwards football?

Unfortunately, we did not have enough players register for us to host our own league here. However, Christ Church in Fraser runs a league and some of our volunteers are helping out there. We still hope to run our own program here at CBC next year. In the meantime, some of you donated supplies to the league. If you would like those back or returned via Amazon, please contact Jared Sayers.


When is the next Exploring Membership class?

The next membership class begins the same night as our electives do (9/13). This class is required for membership. In the class we will look at salvation, statements, strategy, and structure. The class is taught primarily by our senior pastor and we would love to have you attend. Contact the church office to register.


What was wrong with the bathrooms on Sunday?

Let’s just say a simple plunger did not do the trick. Currently we have a crew out back digging up a portion of the yard out the back doors. There is a major blockage somewhere between that point and Eastland Street. Based on some initial snaking at least part of the problem stems from items being flushed that should not be. Please help us out by using the trash cans in all bathrooms for items that should not be flushed. The good news is we plan is to have the plumbing resolved in the next day or so. Thanks to Mike Krucker, Cliff Shock and the city of Roseville for tackling the problem!