Admin Pastor's Blog - November 18, 2020

November 18, 2020

About 10 days ago, I was out for a walk with my wife, and I remember thinking that the walking was more difficult than it should be. Later that night, a fever came on, and before I knew it, I was convinced I had COVID. I got tested the next day, and the result confirmed what I already knew--I was positive. Well, I didn’t feel very positive. In fact, I was pretty upset because it meant so many things my family and I couldn’t do. Basketball, teaching, working at church, coaching, etc. Since then, I have spent a lot of time in my basement... working, sleeping, cleaning out the closet. I have been able to eat upstairs, though at a different spot, about 15 feet from my family. I am tired of this, and I didn’t really have it that bad.

Two takeaways from my quarantine. First, it was depressing. I’m sure some of that was the fact that I spent so much time in the basement, but more was the cloaked feeling that I wore COVID everywhere I went around the house. I had to stay away, keep my guard up, cover my face, wipe down handles. That’s not a pleasant way to live. It was manageable, but I didn’t like it one bit. Second, I really appreciated the contacts from you. The number of emails and texts were great. Someone offered to bring me stuff from the office, we had meals offered, computer help, etc. Most of all though, it was the care that was expressed that was encouraging. Praise God for electronic communication devices!

Speaking of COVID, our numbers are increasing in Michigan. How is Cornerstone responding? Recognizing that we still have freedom to meet as outlined even in the new restrictions, we will be continuing to meet as we have been. As of this writing, we plan to hold our services and ABFs, Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve services, and other events. We are not taking new reservations for parties or showers, however.

How should you respond? We know there are people who have not been back to church yet, and still can’t. That’s OK. If that is now you, that’s OK too. Those that will be in the building can help prevent the spread of the virus by continuing to stay physically distanced from people and by wearing a mask in and out of the building. Did you know we have a small group of people that meet in the back of the church (inside or outside) to view the live stream of the service? They wear masks the whole time. Contact Jon Clarke for details or just show up.

Thank you for your generous giving towards Missionary Christmas. All funds received in November are split amongst our missionaries. Any giving after November will be designated towards the general fund, so please get those envelopes in on time. You can also give online.

Finally, let me talk about the Members’ Meeting for a few minutes. The meeting is this Sunday at 5:30PM, and it will be viewable online through our regular live stream channel. Questions can be asked of Jon Clarke during the meeting electronically. 3rd Quarter Reports and the 2021 Proposed Budget are viewable online in the FILES section of the MEMBERS group on Cornerstone Connection. Balloting will take place in person or online. Ballots will be available on Sunday only. Please vote either in person or online, but not both. There are two motions that have been posted. The first is adding new missionaries to our regular monthly support beginning in 2021. Each of these candidates has been here in the last few months, and I anticipate hearing good reports in the years to come. The second motion is a recommendation to spend last year’s surplus funds on some needed projects around the building.

· East end roof repair & maintenance ($4,000)

· Gathering Space lights conversion & replacement ($20,000)

· Fire panel replacement & repairs ($22,000)

· Platform lights conversion & replacement ($118,000)

I’m excited for Sunday. Church services, our Members’ Meeting, and I get to rejoin church body life. See you then!

-Dave Kaynor