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September 6 

10:30 AM

(The 11:00 AM service will be


Prelude: God the Uncreated One

Welcome/Ministry Updates

Missions Moment with the Ackleys


Call to Worship: Isaiah 45:18-23

Worship in Song: Jesus Messiah

                                                    All Creatures of Our God and King

                                        Living Hope


Sermon Title: Grapes Are Really Messy

Text: Romans 14:5-12


I. Think and think carefully! (5)

     A. Are you fully convinced in the rightness of your position?

     B. What do you base that on?

     C. Is it possible that you are misinformed?

     D. Is it possible that you are not completely informed?

     E. Does someone have an experience that can speak to                     this?

II. Think and think carefully about others! (6-7)

     A. Do you acknowledge the conscience of your                                       brother/sister? (6)

     B. Do you acknowledge the relationship you have with                       your brother/sister? (7)

     C. Do you acknowledge the relationship that we all have                   with the Lord? (8-9)

III. Think and think carefully about the account you will give.           (10-12)


  • Starting September 6th, we will be meeting together in ONE service! Here are the details:
    • 9:00-10:00 AM - ABFs
    • 10:20-10:30 AM - Pre-service Singing
    • 10:30-11:30 AM - One Combined Service

  • Nominations are being accepted for the Elder Board, Fellowship Fund Team, Finance Team, Membership Team, and Mission Team. Nominees must agree to be nominated. The nomination slips can be found at Guest Services. The deadline is Sunday, September 13th.

    • For the remainder of August, ABFs can meet weekly or bi-weekly. Check with your ABF to find out their plan. Starting September 6th, all ABFs will meet together for a combined 4-week study on discipleship.

    • Please wear a face mask when you enter and exit the building. While you are seated in the Worship Center or ABF classroom, you may take it off. Please also remember to respect physical distancing guidelines while you are in the church building. Thank you so much!

    • Now is a great time to start shopping ahead for Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, as school supplies are in stock right now.