Bob's Blog - July 13, 2022

Japan’s former Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe was assassinated and his funeral was yesterday. Inflation is over 9%. The stock market has COVID. COVID is still hanging around. Ukraine and Russia are seemingly no closer to ending their war. The January 6 Senate Investigation Panel continues to unearth controversial information. And then there is Elon Musk, who uses Twitter to basically destroy it. If I was a columnist, I would have a target rich environment, but I am your pastor and want to point out something that threatens to get buried in the midst of so much bad news.


The James Webb Telescope, which is 100x more powerful than the Hubble Telescope is operational and is giving us some absolutely stunning pictures of space. (It better, it cost $10 billion – only $9.5 billion over budget!) The picture included here is of “The Carina Nebula, one of the largest and b rightest nebulae in the sky, located 7,600 light years from Earth.”[1]





When I see pictures like this, or stand next to the ocean, or mountains, or watch thunderstorms and lightning strikes, I am amazed and I should be. We were made to be in awe. We are drawn to being dazzled because we were made by our Creator to worship Him. When we see things that are so much bigger than we are, it is so good for us to feel small, because we are. But there is more for us to feel and know.


Last night, I was driving my grandson home from a long day of activity. He was worn out and fell asleep on the way. He was able to rest because he was confident that I wasn’t. He was able to sleep because he did not feel the urgency to grab the steering wheel and help us avoid danger. He trusted and slept.


Look at our universe. How powerful must God be to create a world that is this big! Look at the manger, the cross and the empty tomb. How good and merciful must God be to provide salvation for you! God is that powerful and that good, therefore, you can enjoy the ride and rest. He will get you some safe and home will be dazzling!


How’s that for some good news!


By the way, if the clouds exit in time, tonight is a Super Moon! It is the largest full moon of 2022 and should make its appearance in the eastern sky around 9.45p. For those of you who have your devotions in the evening, you get a pretty impressive backdrop.


Grace and peace,



Sunday’s Text: 1 Samuel 20