Admin Pastor's Blog - October 7, 2020

October 7, 2020

Dave Kaynor

Admin Pastor

Last year, the Elder Board and Finance Team read a book called Budgeting for a Healthy Church. There were multiple good take-a-ways for me and our teams. One of them was that we wanted to involve our membership at a greater level. So last year we held a two combined ABFs to explain the changes to the budget. We planned to repeat that this year, but because of our recent combined ABFs and the mess that COVID has made of our schedule, we decided to make a video instead. A couple of highlights are listed below for you if you don’t want to watch the video.

The Elder Board and Finance Team collaborated to identify the estimated giving number for 2021. Knowing that COVID has played a big role in 2020, we lowered the estimated giving by $50,000. Then our Missions, Finance, and Strategic Teams identified changes they wanted to make, including:

        General Fund increase of $40,000

  • Ministry budget increases of up to 2%
  • Increased utilities by $13,000 due to rate change on the water bill
  • Decreased parking lot sinking fund by $13,000
  • Increase of the PT Missions Pastor position to FT midway through 2021

        Strategic Fund stayed the same

  •   Addition of Practical Shepherding ministry in the Strategic Fund
  •   Decrease in the Timothy Fund

       Missions Fund increase of $60,000 due to additions, reductions, removals, and new missionaries

       Decrease of the building fund by $150,000

       Overall budget is $2,100,000

So how can you be involved?

  •       Watch the video here
  •        Look over the attached copy of the proposed draft of the budget for 2021 here
  •        Ask questions in the next week so we can take action (if necessary)
  •        Attend the Members’ Meeting on November 22nd

We think this information is important enough that we will also email it directly to members tomorrow. Thank you for reading this information and staying informed!

Video Link