• Welcome!

    We are glad you were able to find us on the web. Whether you are visiting or new to CBC we want you to know that “You Belong Here” is not just something we say, but it is truly what we want to convey to our members, regular attenders, and our visitors. Cornerstone is a church family that has a passion to know God.  We encourage people to get connected through various ministries with the goal of growing and serving together.  Take the time to “check us out” on this web site. Get to know us and our pastors a little better, and please don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like more information.  We invite you to join us, and we look forward to your visit. When you do visit, our Senior Pastor and his wife would love to meet you after the Sunday service near the Café in the Gathering Space.

  • What can I expect?

    When you arrive, there will be greeters to meet you. If you need parking assistance, pull up to the front door and people will be there to help you exit your vehicle and park your car.  Just inside the front doors, greeters will direct you to Guest Services where someone will answer your questions and assist you in finding your way around.  When our Worship Service begins, our musicians and singers will open with music that is meant to prepare your heart for worship.  After a brief moment for a few announcements and to welcome you, we will continue with singing to prepare your heart for the message.  Our Senior Pastor, Bob Johnson, will speak for about 40 minutes, using message slides on our screens to help you follow along.  Our services are about an hour and a half long.


  • How should I dress?

    Whatever you are comfortable in.  At most services, you will find regular attendees wearing business casual clothes, but you will see everything from jeans to suits.

  • What about my kids?

    We have an incredible Children’s Ministry at CBC for children from birth to 6th grade. We care deeply for the children in our care and try to make their time spent with us an engaging learning experience. Please check out our Children’s Ministry page to see what is offered for your children.  Also Student Ministries offers a Sunday School program for students in grades 7 -12.  More information about Student Ministries can be found on the Student Ministries’ page.

  • What about after the service?

    We want to get to know you better!  We have a welcome bag for you with information about CBC at our Welcome Center, located in the Gathering Space near the Café. We invite you to enjoy a free cup of coffee in our Café.   Also, our Senior Pastor and his wife will be there to welcome you. 

  • Welcome!
  • What Can I Expect?
  • How Should I Dress?
  • What About My Kids?
  • What About After the Service?

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