It has been my joy to serve as the Senior Pastor here at Cornerstone Baptist Church since December 1989. While there is a lot of good information that you can read at this site, there is no legitimate substitute for the actual church. We love the church because it is God's idea.
We love the foundation of the church - Christ. We love the truth of the church - the Bible. We love the people of the church, and we love the mission and the ministry of the church.

When looking at the ministry of a church, it is natural to view it through the lens of "What is there for me?" While you can see that there are many, many different ministries that are here, "What is there for me?" is not the first thing for which to look. The most important questions you ought to ask as you look at a church are these:

1. What does the church believe?

2. What does the church emphasize?

3. What is the priority of preaching?

4. How carefully is the Word of God handled in preaching?

5. How does the church solve problems?

6. Do the people have joy?

7. Do the men of the church show true leadership?

8. Do the people appear to really care about others?

9. Is the music theologically accurate?

10. What is the role and priority of prayer?

11. Is there an environment that is cultivating genuine spiritual growth?

God has established the church as one of the means for you to grow and develop as a follower of Christ. May God direct your steps to a true, biblical church.

Robert Johnson II