Family Discipleship Blog - September 9, 2020

Family Catechism Challenge

Parents, are you looking for a simple way to disciple your children and ground them in the major doctrines of the faith? Have you ever thought about teaching a catechism to your children? A catechism is an easy way to teach doctrine to children in a question and answer format. This year we want to challenge families to work through the New City Catechism (NCC) together. The NCC contains 52 questions and answers, which means if you take one question a week, you can teach through the entire catechism in a year. You can find out more about the NCC by clicking HERE.

One of the things I love about the NCC is the variety of tools offered to families and children to help teach the catechism. For example, the NCC offers a free app that contains all 52 questions and answers. All of the questions and answers in the app have been put to music, which is an incredibly helpful memorization tool for children. The app makes it easy to review the catechism as you are in your car on the way to school (ok, so maybe when they go to school in the future) or during family devotions. It doesn’t take long to teach the catechism and it is certainly worth it.

Are you up for the challenge? Cornerstone kids started memorizing the verses that go along with each question and answer in the catechism this past Sunday. This will serve as their memory verse challenge for the year. Additionally, from time to time this year we are going to throw out different catechism challenges. For example, we may challenge kids to take a picture of their family working on the catechism together, or to recite questions and answers to a Children’s Ministry leader. Each time a child completes one of the challenges, they will have an opportunity to spin a prize wheel. This will be similar to the Bible Reading Challenge the kids did this Summer.

The plan is to involve parents along with their children in the catechism challenge. So, if you are a parent, be ready for a catechism challenge to be thrown your way as well. Are you ready to get started? Download the NCC app and start memorizing! The challenge officially starts today. Pay attention to Cornerstone’s Facebook and Twitter pages, and the Family Discipleship Blog for specific catechism challenges. See the schedule for memorizing the questions and answers attached HERE.