Cornerstone's History

Cornerstone Baptist Church was formed in September of 1983 as the result of a merger between Gratiot Avenue Baptist Church (founded in 1920) and Beulah Baptist Church (founded in 1898). The merging of the membership, boards, missionaries, constitutions, staff and ministries of the two churches was evidence of God's work of grace and unity. Both churches had great heritages of solid biblical theology and years of successful ministries.

In 1989, Cornerstone found themselves without a senior pastor and attendance was averaging 270. Robert Johnson II was called as pastor in December of 1989, and the membership found it easy to follow his leadership because of his preaching, vision, wisdom, long-term commitment, and integrity. Cornerstone has grown almost every year since.

Outgrowing our landlocked 3 acre site in 1994, we purchased a 19 acre site in the same city of Roseville, Michigan. The site had a 15,000 sq. ft. school on it and we built an 18,000 sq. ft. addition with a 500 seat multi-purpose auditorium. We relocated to the completed site in September of 1996. The $1.2 Million project was self-financed, and the original building was totally remodeled by our people while contractors built the addition. The ten-year loans were paid in three years.

We found it necessary to offer two morning services within the first year of occupancy and added a third in 1999. Also in 1999, a seven-room addition was added to provide additional education space. 

Plans to build a worship center complex began in 1998, and came to fruition in 2004.  A 2200 seat Worship Center with a Gathering Space and extra classrooms was completed and the first service was held on Good Friday of 2004.

Cornerstone has historically been very involved in global missions and, while continuing that emphasis, is also seeking to help plant new churches and renew others so that the overall gospel health of our region is strengthened. We stand on the shoulders of faithful generations of people, and by God's grace will hand the baton of faith and faithfulness to the next generation who will, for the glory of Christ, run faster and fly farther than we will.